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Related post: Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 19:25:25 under age pussy pictures CET From: Greg Cherry Subject: Rick nude under age teen and the Bike Gang (MMMMBB - ws, fist)If you're underage (minor) in your jurisdiction - do not read this story. The facts depicted herein are pure fantasy (but what a fantasy!). No attempt should be made to emulate these acts or to engage in unsafe sex with untrusted strangers. Some of the characters in this story are under 18 years of age. The author does not condone sex with such persons. under age teen girls The story is merely intended for adult entertainment. (c) jeans_jock 2000. If you wanna contact me about this story and let me know what you think - further ideas, etc., you can do so at jeans_jockhotmail.com. RICK AND THE BIKE GANG (MMMMBB / ws, under age rape gallery fist) Rick was horny as he rode his motorbike onto the parking lot. He'd been cruising the main meeting places in town all evening and, despite the handsome good looks of this blond, 22-year old stud, he had failed to come up with anything that attracted him enough to make him want to spill his juice. This was his last stop before he would head on home.He was dressed in tight, faded Levi's that were neatly torn through wear and tear just under nude under age ass his ass-cheeks and knees. His biker's boots he had diligently polished before heading out under age fuck video that night and they glinted, reflecting the moonlight that bathed the car park. As under age nude it was summer, despite the breeze, his broad, hairless tanned chest and taught-muscled stomach sweated under the faded denim jacket, which was all he wore on his upper body. Under his fly strained his cock, under age nude sexpics shrouded in two thick metal cock-rings and rigid from the throbbing of the powerful engine between under age nude schoolgirls his legs."Just my fuckin' luck!" he muttered as he cast his eye around him. The parking lot was deserted under age teen fuck except for two under age portal young teenagers dressed in jeans, tee-shirts, sneakers and baseball caps, who were hanging around, leaning against a tree at the far end of the parking area. Rick, not averse to a bit of chicken under age bikini model every now and then, was really looking for something a little more adventurous than a couple of kids this evening. Something a little harder and more masculine. His mind started to wander.He closed his eyes and into his mind came his favourite fantasy. Almost in abstraction, he reached down and unbuttoned his fly. Reaching in, he felt the hard-veined flesh uncensored under age teen of his manhood. He started to feel the cool evening breeze waft over the cockhead and it felt good. Not without difficulty, he widened the under age bbs fly-hole and hauled its 10" length out into the fresh air. Holding the bottom of his fly under age girls topless down, he managed finally to allow his walnut-sized shaved balls to escape their packaged prison. As his mind worked further on under age asian tgp his fantasy, he slowly started to stroke the girls under age anal shaft of his cock, which responded immediately to his caresses. The veins bulged along its rule-like length as the under aged girls naked flesh was pumped full of blood, almost to bursting point.It was then that he hardcore under age porn heard the footsteps behind him. He opened his eyes and looked forward, where he xxx under age photos saw the two kids he'd noticed earlier, now about 20 yards away, standing, legs apart, vintage under age movies slowly rubbing their crotches, their eyes transfixed by the huge under age models nn dick poking out of the fly of Rick's denims.Seeing the two kids in front of him confused Rick for a second. What then were the footsteps behind him? Before he could look round, he felt his arms taken firmly, but not roughly, by the hands of what he a split-second later saw were two sex under age pics tall, dark-haired, leather-clad studs.The one on his right wore a black leather confederate cap with a chain around its peak. He must have been about 29 rape under age sluts and sported a thick black moustache that completely covered his upper lip. His chest was bare but for a thick chain harness and he could see that both nipples had been pierced. A light covering of under age horny girls dark down covered the space between his pecs, and he saw that under age indian pussy one of fucking under age girls the chains descended over a wash-board stomach under the waistband of a pair of shining black chaps and under a bulging jockstrap between the guy's legs.If Rick's cock surged at this sight, it damn near burst its top when he looked to his left and saw the other guy, maybe 25, his hairless chest bare except for a leather harness and a black leather waistcoat, naked under age free a skimpy pair of leather shorts round his crotch under age masterbation area, and heavy Doc Martins and thick socks clothing the ends of his dense, hairy legs."Take it easy kid, relax," said the guy on his left. "We're gonna take it anyway, so it's best you just lie back and let it happen," he growled in a thick husky voice that, in Rick's under age sexgirls photos ears, just oozed sexual menace. It was then that the under age gay porn third asian under aged porn guy came into Rick's view. A young guy, about 19 years old, wearing a studded collar around his throat, to the end of which was attached a chain. His wrists were under age fuck bound with cord, and he wore only a under age sexclips pair of under age girls cunts torn, cut-off white denims, from under one of the legs of which poked the end of his already hard cock. On his feet were black army boots and thick white socks. The kid was blond and had a hairless chest; Rick could see that his right nipple had also been pierced and free under age rape through it hung a silver tit-ring, glinting in the moonlight."Cut Steve's cords, Mike," ordered the guy in the chain-harness to Rick's right. From out of his Doc Martins, Mike pulled a 6" blade; he deftly skirted round the front of Rick's bike and slit through the cord that bound Steve's hands behind his back. Mike then reached round the front of Steve's cut-offs and undid under age fucking free the studded belt round his waist and unbuttoned the fly. under age fetish porn The denims dropped to the ground and Steve's cock sprang out from its prison. under age nude modeles It was long and thin, circumcised, and, in the full moon, Rick could see that the head was already smeared with the boy's pre-cum. under age ilegal teens Between his legs hung a thick string that disappeared into the kid's ass. Mike turned Steve round, so that Rick could observe as he gently but firmly tugged at the string, until Steve's rosette slowly pulled apart, and a steel ball popped out of his ass. Mike pulled again and a second steel ball appeared at the kids ass, and slowly emerged. As each ball came out of his ass, Steve murmured with pleasure, "Aaah, yes, fuckin' ace, man." He was bent over and now reached down into the pocket of his sawn-off denims for a bottle chubby under age sex of poppers that he unscrewed and held up under age sex toon to his two nostrils. As the third ball appeared, Steve squirmed his ls magazine under age clean-shaven pucker little ass in delight. "Aaah, fuck, yeah, man!" At last the fourth and fifth balls were out, and the kid's ass, stretched to the max with almost 2 pounds of stainless steel inside him, was ready to get fucked. "Now, Steve", the Master continued,"sit on this fucker's dick, but don't illegal sex under age you make him come, or I'll make you eat shit, kid!"Steve porn videos under age kicked up one leg and poised himself astride Rick's throbbing cockhead. His feet rested on the footrests of the bike and Mike held Rick's cock in one hand, his other hand resting on Steve's back as he slowly lowered the boy down little under age tits onto the waiting pole that would soon impale him. Despite his preparation, the naked under age models kid gasped a little as he landed on the full girth of Rick's cock. He squirmed as he tried, despite the pain due to the lack of lubrication on Rick's cock, to force its entire length into his gut. "Oh, yeah, under age nude girl what a great cock. Boy, that feels good!", he gasped as he took another drag under age child sexmovies at the poppers and then started slowly to bounce up and down on the thick cock that was filling his ass."Hold the fucker back, Andy", said Mike to his partner, who was by now standing directly behind Rick at the back of the bike. Gently, Andy encouraged Rick to lean back on the pillion seat and, as Rick did so, he saw the huge monster of a cock that Andy had pulled out from his sweaty jock-strap. It, too, was circumcised and its turgid head bent downwards from the 11" length that projected out of the under age amateur sex cock-ring that was held taught by under age gallery sex the two chains, top and bottom, that formed part of Andy's harness. The hentai under age cock-head brushed against Rick's lips and, instinctively, he opened up and took the cock into his mouth, past his teeth, over his tongue and deep into his throat. "Fuck, you're a good sucker", moaned Andy as he started thrusting his hips, so that the cock slid up and down Rick's throat. Rick was concentrating so hard on the throat-job that he was able to go on fucking Steve without too much danger of him coming in the process. But that didn't stop him from thrusting his own hips upwards at each of Steve's downward movements, driving his thick cock deep into Steve's gut, so that the young 19-year old gasped inwardly at each fuck movement. "Oh, God, I'm almost there!" he muttered and took another full shot of the poppers. Mike was standing behind him, squeezing his tits, and leaned over and spat a huge gob of spit into Steve's face. The kid writhed in ecsatsy and pounded even harder on Rick's cock deep inside his kid-ass. Then he let a deep growl out from the depths of his stomach and from out his cock shot a huge stream of white, watery cum that spattered onto Rick's chest, some even reaching his mouth, where it smothered Andy's cock as it pounded deep into Rick's throat. At under age pron Andy's next thrust, Rick could taste Steve's boy-cum on his tongue as he licked it off Andy's dick.Steve raised himself off Rick's steely cock under age baby porn and jumped off the bike to enjoy watching the rest of the action. Mike then took up position astride the bike, at Rick's knees, which now under aged teen galleries hung limp either side of the bike, the sensation on his cock having ceased for the moment. Taking his knife, girl under age nude Mike carefully bbs teen under age slit the frayed denim around under age pornstars the base of Rick's fly hardcore under age fucking and cut away the jeans, using the seam that was tightly snug around Rick's ass pre nude under age as a guide, whilst deftly lodging Rick's knees over his shoulders and lifting his ass off the seat of the bike. When he reached the back of Rick's waistband he stopped and roughly hardcore under age nude ripped the jeans material away from Rick's ass. Rick was so busy sucking on Andy's dick that he barely realised what was happening until he felt the cool rush of the breeze on his bare ass-cheeks.In the meantime, Steve had fetched a can of Crisco and under age ebony models now offered it to Mike, who took a handful and smeared it over Rick's asshole, working in first one, then two and finally three fingers, as Rick childs under ages lollita squirmed his fuck-hole to meet the coming onslaught. As the fingers worked into his butt he relaxed and Mike was able to under age porn free get all four fingers in except for his thumb. Andy was getting so hot watching this action, that he pulled his cock out of Rick's mouth, in case he russian model under age would shoot already. Rick lifted his head to see Mike's hand as it slid ever more easily in and out of Rick's butt. Steve had rescued the poppers and now held the vial under Rick's nose. He snorted them geedily and a hot, horny feeling under age nonude gallery coursed through his head, illeagle under age porn chest and cock. Steve then took out a pair of tit-clamps from his denim pocket and gently clamped the steel pegs over Rick's tits, one by one. Hot ecstasy ran young fuck under age through Rick's entire body and he forced himself further down on Mike's hand, who by now had arranged his thumb so as to penetrate Rick's ass as well. The thrust was matched by a shove from Mike and his hand gradually but easily slid under age model into Rick's hot, expectant ass. Delirious from under age model pics the sensation Rick fell back onto under age models nude the motorbike seat and saw again Andy's cock just as Andy released a stream of glistening piss over Rick's face and chest. Greedily, Rick opened his mouth to swallow under age asians the piss. Little rivulets of it licked his chest and splashed onto his cock and balls, which Steve now began gently to lick, moving his tongue onto Mike's wrist as it under age webcam disappeared into Rick's fuck-hole.By this time, the two teenagers had approached the scene and were standing either side of the bike. Now Rick could see more clearly, he noticed they were barely 16 under age nudes galleries or 17 years old, but they both had their baseball caps shoved back on their heads and their jeans down round their knees which were bent as they devoured the scene before them with their eyes and violently wanked their cocks. The under aged sex movies younger of the two, a tall stud with a white tee-shirt pulled over nudegirls under age 15 his head and stretched behind his neck, trembling with excitement, his hairless chest glistening with sweat, swung round so that his cock pointed towards Rick's face. He let teen under age nude his cock go for a second and poised himself. under age thumbnails xxx Then after a second or two he clasped his hands behind his head and a stream of golden piss showered over Rick's face. He writhed and licked his lips as the fluid spattered over his upper body. The young kid's bbs blog under age buddy caught on and he also let rip with a bladder- full of piss, playing his cock like a hose fucking under aged girls over Rick's stomach, his cock and balls, that Steve was still sucking on, and over Mike's hand that was still pumping gently at Rick's ass.As the streams of piss xxx under age girls from the two teenagers stopped, Mike slowly wriggled his hand out of Rick's butt-hole, that now gaped open, it had been so well stretched. Mike unzipped his shorts for the first time, took out his throbbing dick and, without further ado, shoved it into Rick's pleading ass with a single shove. He held Rick's feet high, the denim still cladding his legs and his biker boots glinting in the moonlight. Andy was wanking his cock over Rick's face and the sight was just too much for the two teenage kids. The 16-year old groaned as he stumbled forward and shot a heavy load of thick cum all over Rick's lips and mouth. under age young nudes Not one shot, not two, but three, four, five, six times the kid lunged his thighs at Rick's greedy mouth. Gob after gob landed on his lips and outstretched tongue, nude under age bbs and he swallowed it all down. The other young boy let out a cry as he shot his juice over Mike's cock as it was under aged porn sliding into Rick's asshole, providing more lubrication, as if it was necessary. "I'm just about coming, buddy. How 'bout you?" asked Andy to his mate at the other end of what now was nothing more than a fuck-machine for the pleasure of the five guys standing round Rick. "Yeah, I'm almost there... Oh yeah, yeah, here I cum!" With one final shove deep into Rick's gut, Mike, his muscular body trembling under the shock-waves, shot wave after wave of come deep up Rick's ass. As he under age xxx pics under age ukrainian porn squirmed with pleasure, knowing that this young stud had just shot his under age nude lolas seed up his fuck- ass, the spunk oozed out of his butt and dribbled down onto the leather young models under age seat of the motorbike. At the no nude under age same time, Andy wanked himself to a climax and at the last minute shoved under age xxx pic his cock-head into Rick's mouth, which then filled with Andy's juice as it shot out of his dick-end. Rick greedily swallowed the sperm, it thickly coating his throat as the sucking action on his own dick intensified and he raised his head to take a last snort of poppers before looking down the length of his piss- and cum-covered body at his own rod being mouth-fucked by Steve. Delirium overtook him, sex under age the fierce burning of the clamps on his tits, the under age cunts taste of cum under age teensex clip in his throat and his body drenched in piss, and he released his pent-up wad of cum-juice deep into Steve's throat. Steve felt the first naked under age virgins shot hit the back of his throat, and he kept on swallowing as Rick pumped shot after shot into the young 19-year old's eager willing mouth until not a under age loita teens drop was left.Exhausted, Rick flopped back onto the saddle of the motorbike. The two young teenagers hoisted their jeans and skipped off to the other end of the parking under age ******** galleries lot. Steve, Mike and Andy gathered their things and made off for two motorbikes which were parked some distance off at the entrance of the car park and Rick was suddenly left alone, lying on his motorbike, his flaccid cock still dripping cum, his chest covered in japan under age pussy piss and Mike's cum still dripping out of his ass. The tit-clamps were still burning into his chest and, gingerly, he removed them. On his chest was a white card which bore a nn under age girls telephone number. He then realised his jeans were ripped to shreds, but under age russian naked he smiled as he kick-started his bike into action: "Not quite the wasted evening I had feared," he murmured under age teen xxx to himself, let out the clutch and roared off down the road into the summer dawn light.With the editor's permission, Rick will be back ...
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